ITRIBiS Project Activities Scheme

WP1- Management

Work Package 1 aims at the coordination of the project in both administrative and technical terms. The WP objectives are:

  • To achieve the project's goals.
  • To ensure a smooth implementation of the project through day-by-day management activities.
  • To develop and facilitate efficient communication between IBIS, partner institutions and European Commission.

This activity also includes the organisation of workhops, international lectures and seminars.

WP2- Twining and events

Work Package 2 covers the organization and monitoring of short stays of IBiS researchers and technicians in partnering organizations to be trained in scientific techniques. The main objective is to improve the level of know-how and experience of IBiS staff. More specifically:

  • To improve the expertise of young researchers and give them skills in new biomedical research technologies.
  • To allow the transfer of knowledge among research groups.
  • To increase the visibility of the IBiS at National and European level.

This Work Package also includes the organisation of workhops, international lectures and seminars. These activities have been designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge among research groups and to increase the visibility of IBiS in the European Research Area. All the scientific events will be hosted by the IBiS in Seville:

  • Seville conferences on molecular medicine.
  • Scientific workshops.
  • Internal Seminars.

WP3- Recruitment

In order to strengthen IBiS’ human capital in cell degeneration and antimicrobial resistance, as well as to overcome current difficulties to attain high-qualified technicians in these areas, the main objectives of the Work Package 3 are the following:

  • To recruit highly qualified senior researchers with scientific profile in cancer, neurodegeneration in Alzheimer disease, heart molecular pathology and antimicrobial resistance.
  • To recruit highly trained technicians in bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, cell sorting and imaging; for running newly acquired equipments.

This activity also aims to potentiate the successful development of the professional career of each new incorporation.

WP4- Equipment

Work Package 4 covers the purchasing of the equipment to complete the IBiS General Core Facilities (GCFs) for high throughput research and animal imaging. The main objectives of this activity are:

  • To create new work platforms in bioinformatics, imaging and proteomics.
  • To reinforce the GCF with a new platform of electron microscopy.
  • To improve the existing facilities on genomics and cell separation.

WP5- Technology transfer

The main objective of Work Package 5 is to boost the valorization of the knowledge generated by the IBiS research groups, through the development of an Intellectual Property (IP) Plan and protection of Know-How, as well as innovation capacity building.

To achieve the ITRIBIS Project objectives in terms of collaboration, a workshop on Technology Transfer is foreseen during the execution of the ITRIBIS project, to raise awareness on the possibilities of development and innovation of research results, and its applicability to the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

WP6- Dissemination

The overall aim of WP6 is to increase the visibility of the IBiS and ensure that the project results are shared with target groups and stakeholders. For achieving this purpose, this WP deals with two different types of activities: dissemination activities, aiming at disseminating the project results and increasing the project impact and visibility; and exploitation issues, aiming at ensuring the sustainability of IBiS’s research excellence and the socioeconomic contribution to the Andalusian Region.

WP7- Evaluation

This Work Package will take place after the implementation of the whole action plan. The specific objectives are:

  • To evaluate the overall research quality and capability of the IbiS.
  • To determine the most appropriate ways and methods to preserve its excellence.
  • To explore its contribution to the regional/European sustainable development.
  • To perform an international independent expert evaluation of IBiS overall research quality and capability.